Our Suite of Professional Services Was Designed To Meet Your Needs

Facilities Management & Operations

  • Operational readiness
  • Sustainability programs
  • Back-up resourcing
  • Systems performance
  • Energy & utilities alternatives
  • Due diligence reviews

Utilizing a practical, nuts and bolts look at how your facilities operate, FM&O will discover the opportunities to save energy, get more out of your maintenance budget while improving reliability, utilize cost-effective technology, and improve day-to-day operational performance while gaining cost efficiency. Establish meaningful performance metrics based on your operation and need—not out of a box. We have the ability to step in and support your organization when needed for vacation coverage, special projects, or business resilience

Business Planning & Execution

  • Capital & expense planning
  • Operational planning
  • Metric development & monitoring
  • Facilities strategy

FM&O has extensive experience and success with expense budgeting, capital program planning, and delivering the required outcomes. Prioritize planning based on your goals, facility condition, and related compliance needs. FM&O’s experience spans a broad spectrum of enterprise support including: Real estate portfolio reviews, analysis & planning and Merger, Acquisition, Integration & Divestiture planning and execution.

Functional Excellence

  • Needs based analysis
  • Best practice opportunities
  • Sourcing alternatives
  • Sourcing alternatives
FM&O Advisors

FM&O will help you make the most of your facility & operations based on need, budget, compliance, and customer commitments utilizing common sense, creativity, and industry best practices.